martedì 25 settembre 2007


I'm Alle, I'm 22 and I come from Italy!
I speak also Spanish and French, but scolastic ^^
I would like to try this new experience to make new friends
and have the opportunity to have a cultural exchange with people from all over the world!

I have a lot of hobbies, lately I'm making some jewlery like chockers and earrings
in Victorian/gothic/new romantic/punk style that sometimes I also sell on ebay ^^

A lot of people appreciate them but it's hard to make the people understand that
handmade stuff needs time, money and a lot of free time to search the right charms, the right ribbons and all than I need to make the craft,

I hope people will change this attidude and will give me credit ^^


I'm always in search of..

-Egiptian charms/necklaces (Horus ones in particolar ^^') and everithing related to the Gods (Bastet and Anubis *__*)
I love Egypt!I hope one day I could visit Pharaohs land!

-Everything related to the movie STARGATE but the dvds, as I've got 'em all!

-I love Finland, another place where I would like to go ^^
I would appreciate anything typical and you must know that I love and collect reindeers plushs ^^'

-I love particolar clothing, from Gothic one to classical Victorian Outfits!
But lately I've bought a wonderfull skirt from KERA and I became addicted ^^
to make you better understand I also buy from "Refuse to be usual" on ebay, so everything related would be really appreciated (size S for the tops, M for the skirts/pants extc.)

I have 4, so if you think you have something cute and funny for them I'm sure they'll go crazy!!

-I also paint glass, in general, and I'm always in search of new ideas and instruments to make the decorations! Note:My subjects are Medieval/fantasy/gothic inspired ^^

-I love manga's merchandise and my favorite caracter is Mokona of Rayearth!
I love tender beanies toys!

-Art books are always welcome!
I's a long long time I'm searching somenthing of Cleavenger and photo books of G.Axelrod but I can't find them anywhere!!Maybe they're sold only in their country :(

-Cigarets, especially with particolar packages

-Renaissace fabrics or other stuff of this kind

-Surprise me!
Funny things or thing that have a particolar strange use are really appreciated!
..but instruction included, ok?? LOL

I offer:

-Typical Italian food, like pasta, sauces, candies and chocolate!

-Hand made earrings, chockers in different styles!^^

-Hand painted glasses, dishes, bottles!

-Dvds (I work for Blockbuster ^^)!


-different kind of beads

-Post cards and book of my country

-Italian Cigarets


I think it's all!

If you want to swap with me please write to:

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